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a room with view from asteroid b612

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Open Theme April 2

Words by the designer:

again inspired by The Little Prince – 5 colors on black


sweet design!

shoutBack on 8/5/11 by leech

thanks thanks thanks

shoutBack on 6/5/11 by kharmazero

Nice Nice Nice Nice!

shoutBack on 4/5/11 by CathRon

Cool work!

shoutBack on 3/5/11 by vcalahan


shoutBack on 30/4/11 by dilematiccoma

wow thanks a lot for all the cool comments :-))))

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by kharmazero

great art and really nice color combinations!!

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by Qimstudio

I absolutely love this mix of elements, it really works well.
Dig the character and his lil dog, they are full of personality…I just wanna go hang out with them :)

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

This design has so much character, I really like the style of illustration, the sort of “water colour meets traditional” is working nicely. As far as your colour palette goes, It rocks! It is simple, above the norm, and effective. The contrast of the sky blue with the clouds against the dark blue and orange of the ground is working well for me.

The placement is good, and the design scales well and sits balanced on the tee.

Well done.

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by simon

so lovely!! dig it

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by freaktone


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