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amy after dark

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Stepdog & Turbovite t-shirt design contest

Words by the designer:

i choosed to work while listening this song, simply cause i like it a lot. i didn’t illustrated it litterally, but i think i can understand what kind of thing you’re talking about.But the good thing is that after dark , there is always light.
4 colors on black – There is also a 3 colors version avalaible.
You’ll find it with details following this link



shoutBack on 16/5/11 by kharmazero


shoutBack on 13/5/11 by Mars

woooooa!thanks a lot for the warm welcome
Cath the song is amy after dark Simon, don’t know if it’s a stepdog design or not, what i know, i listened and read the lyrics of this song, found the relation ship with my personal history, and did this.
PS so i’ll change the tittle, and it will be by now , kharma after dark

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by kharmazero

BEAUTIFUL design Kharma!! Love the colours & mystique, & your interpretation of ‘after dark there is always light’ ;)

Good luck!!

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Maike

Congrats hey this is breathtaking. Love the fact that it fits on to the whole tee. Not gonna spoil this one with a full page comment all I’m gonna say is wow….

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Izzicane

Lovely colours, textures, composition. Which song were you listening to? The tune really worked some magic :)

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by CathRon

Super stuff Kharma I’m really feeling the vibes here!

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

This is a LOVELY design, and is has so much feeling to it, but I have to say, it is NOT Stepdog at all!

Honestly, I would submit this to an open theme, and it will be a great competitor! Your subtle colours against the bold illustration is so pretty, and I am absolutely loving the small attention to detail you’ve applied by means of your halftone patterns, that extra effort makes a huge difference.

Lovely piece of work, just not Stepdog enough for me personally.

shoutBack on 9/5/11 by simon

Cool and atmospheric! Good luck!

shoutBack on 9/5/11 by vcalahan


shoutBack on 9/5/11 by EVILI


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