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black sun

Design by :

Didn't make it
Didn't make it
Open Theme April 2

Words by the designer:

3 colors on chocolate or black


nice colors! very different from your normal style. =D

shoutBack on 7/5/11 by Qimstudio

i really want it !!!

shoutBack on 7/5/11 by athyna

thanks a lot , i appreciate a lot the kind comments..Leeker google translate says Nice! thanks Duncan :-))

shoutBack on 6/5/11 by kharmazero

Dude this is exploding with awesomeness, love teh colours and choice of tee….as we say in South AFrica, LEKKER!

shoutBack on 6/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

Oh wow, this is very different to your other work. I did not immediately recongnise it as one of yours – but I like!

shoutBack on 5/5/11 by CathRon

Burnin’ nice and spiked!

shoutBack on 3/5/11 by vcalahan

thanks Izzicane, yes it’s deliberate. you meant the kind reyes and smile with a designed tittled balck sun?sun can be good but can be bad too right?

shoutBack on 30/4/11 by kharmazero

Love the textures, and is the smile and eyes deliberate?

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by Izzicane

thanks a lot, i like to try things, this is a line work that i mixed with some monoprint textures.I agree for the size .

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by kharmazero

Wow, very powerful! Love those colours on black.
Different to your usual work but I like it :)
I think it could even be slightly bigger on the shirt..

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by Maike


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