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child creation chronicles - hope

Design by :

Didn't make it
Didn't make it
Open Theme 9

Words by the designer:

4 colors on midnight blue – works well on white and melange too – some details and color options


i like the concept…the combination of colours are very close from the colour of the t-shirt….very nice!!

shoutBack on 10/12/10 by nunaxzkhi208

Thanks a lot again Eran, for the warm welcome on Springleap and the nice comments.

shoutBack on 9/12/10 by kharmazero

W-OW – u put the OW in Wow! Child creation chronicles really is the kind of design that inspires hope!

Beautiful work. I have become a big fan since you graced Springleap with your design-ability.

If Child Creation Chronicles – Hope is a measure to go by, you will be cleaning up here!

shoutBack on 8/12/10 by EranEyal

Thanks again Duncan ;)i love this design and it’s a second take, the first version was sooooo complicated.It was in the running for a Hope for the Gulf contest but didn’t make it ;))

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by kharmazero

This is a awe-inspiring design Kharma.
I would love to see this printed on one of our tee’s.
So natural and the colours are very well balanced with the elements.

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by DuncanBoxie


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