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escape from rain city

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Battle of the Best 2010

Words by the designer:

the beginning story of these 3 kids bored with rain and pollution.By a rainy night they go away without knowing what they’ll find in front of them, but knowing what they are leaving…1 color on white


thanks a lot for the awesome comments , rain kids are happy :-))

shoutBack on 1/2/11 by kharmazero

This is one pretty epic shirt. Reminds me of the movie ‘9’. Not from the look of it, but the emotion and grungy feel.

shoutBack on 1/2/11 by comanche

kharma0 to get such a range of texture, light and shadow with a single colour is an amazing achievement. EPIC!!

shoutBack on 31/1/11 by SmithMachine

thanks a lot Duncan

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by kharmazero

Kharma, this is prob in my top 5 of your best designs.
I’m a little in love with it hahaha :D

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by DuncanBoxie


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