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besides having a unique style shape, this fish is called a good luck fish and reportedly can detect the earthquake,who knows?;D soft print plastisol


beautiful work

shoutBack on 25/4/11 by kharmazero

thank you all for the nice comments, I really appreciated and very meaningful for me,GBU :)

shoutBack on 23/4/11 by dilematiccoma

Very well said Simon!! and I totally agree that others should use this as a benchmark :)

shoutBack on 21/4/11 by Maike

This is very very aesthetically divine. I think the placement on the shirt is 105% just right! I love the faded effect around the design, it gives a water colour feel to it, as well as being almost “inky”, you know, like when your pen leaks…

The subtle but effective use of the transparent colour over the fish adds that extra touch, giving the design depth, making it more tangible.

I hope others take your design as a “benchmark”, becuase we need to see more attention to detail, as you’ve done.

Perfectly executed, flawless in my opinion.

shoutBack on 20/4/11 by simon

This is really beautiful and everything comes together amazingly! Pretty awesome job there!

shoutBack on 20/4/11 by amyabrahams

nice placement, love the illo too!!

shoutBack on 18/4/11 by sayahelmi

thx guys! =)

shoutBack on 17/4/11 by dilematiccoma

WOW! This is beautiful.
I love how you have composed this design.
The faded colour of the swishing effects really gives the design depth.

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

Now we’re talking – love this!

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by CathRon

Really AWESOME design!!

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by Maike


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