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Freedom Walker

Design by :

Faces of Africa

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Words by the designer:

The Freedom Walker are exclusive kicks made in commemoration to our Madiba’s Long Walk To Freedom. Feast your eyes on the interesting details on these sick kicks:
> A nod to Madiba’s awesome dress sesnse
> The rugby world cup that he held in his hands
> His younger self at the beginning of the walk to freedom
> The 24 karat gold “WALK” lace protector
And a heck of a lot more!

This piece is a personal one – I took everything I love and put it down on the digital canvas – Madiba, shoes, graphics, Africa my home, (not so much the Whisky [right]) – they all have a very special place in my heart.

Hope you enjoy it :)


Proudly South African!

shoutBack on 12/8/11 by UncleHani

Imagine if you could make sneakers like that, they would sell like hot cakes!!!

shoutBack on 24/6/11 by Dala

I’m new to Springleap & just saw your design…madness! 2cool! Awesome, lovin’ it! Keep it up

shoutBack on 21/1/11 by BrotherJohn

wow, it’s super!!!

shoutBack on 10/12/10 by dorinmouss

love it!

shoutBack on 5/12/10 by clbulbs

Ooohhh I really like this one – its so awesome! Makes me proud

shoutBack on 5/7/10 by wednesdayloves

Love it! Well done!

shoutBack on 30/4/10 by nickyplett

Hi Isamold – buying buttons will be up in a few minutes. Sorry for the hassle ;)

shoutBack on 7/4/10 by EranEyal

where are buying buttons guys,want to place orders for this t-shirt

shoutBack on 7/4/10 by isamolf

Great design Tu,i want this one for my wife and my 2 boys.

shoutBack on 29/3/10 by isamolf


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