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New Era

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Stepdog & Turbovite t-shirt design contest

Words by the designer:

Inspired from vintage-meets-country music posters, I felt like the laid back yet raspy sounds of Stepdog would be complimented by a bold but relaxed poster like design that is both attractive & informative at the same time.


I really like…its like one of those old school band posters you see outside venues. WOW!

shoutBack on 13/5/11 by Mars

So no thanks to me eh Simon, thanks hey :P

shoutBack on 11/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

Bleet, Maike, CathRon, PixelForge, matsanni I really appreciate all the positive feedback, many thanks to you all.

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by simon

you got my 5 def the best sub from you and out of the competition, very wearable and sellable. No gimmick bullshit, dogs etc.


shoutBack on 10/5/11 by bleet

Definitely a different approach to the rest, but a pretty cool idea, I must say! Very clever :)

Love the layout & colour combos too. This has a proper band tee feel to it.

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Maike

Now this is fantastic and right on theme. I love the band-poster look and the distressed fonts work really well.

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by CathRon

Love it. Really love it. I want…

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by PixelForge

wow! i love it.

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by matsanni

DuncanBoxie CJ Thanks both, appreciate the support!

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by simon

Yeah this really is awesome dude. Perfect as a band tee, no doubts!

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by DuncanBoxie


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