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posing boxer

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Words by the designer:

i was selected to take part to a a collective exhibition last summer in Berlin.The theme was “boxers and fighters”.I made a lot of inks on paper and adapted some of them as t shirt designs.This one is a mix of 3 unfinished ones, one for the head, one for the gloves and harms,one for the body.2 colors on white.


Thanks Eran

shoutBack on 9/12/10 by kharmazero

Extremo coolio. Tx for sharing the link. Was rad seeing the other workt

shoutBack on 8/12/10 by EranEyal

perhaps you would like to see the boxers paintings here

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by kharmazero

Thanks guys, yes redsplatters, i made a version with it,black and red, but it is much more violent.I will propose it on vote if this one doesn’t make it ;-))

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by kharmazero

Ahhh red splatters eh Kingslip? ya that would be cool.
Gotta say I still dig this loads, very cool.

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by DuncanBoxie

i like, imagine you made those splatters to be blood. that would be crazy

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by kingslip


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