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Top 20
VODACOM POWER TO YOU T-shirt Design Contest

Words by the designer:

In this design – the 2nd in a series of 5 – I drew inspiration from the hugely successful I LOVE NY campaign, and created a tongue-in-cheek abstraction of it. Hand drawn communication icons from my previous design were also utilized in this design.


nicely designed

shoutBack on 25/3/11 by acme

Well done!!! Something new!!!

shoutBack on 25/3/11 by marinka

@ParanoidAndroid – don’t get your criticism, bud!? I’m all for it, but at least the crit should make sense!? Did you not see the word POWER or the social networking icons composited into the design!? Thanks for feedback none the less…

shoutBack on 24/3/11 by incynqron

nope, says nothing about the theme

shoutBack on 24/3/11 by paranoidandroid

Stunning !!!

shoutBack on 24/3/11 by reco0070

Cleverly done….just love the whole concept!

shoutBack on 24/3/11 by marliena

Thanks Guys!

shoutBack on 24/3/11 by incynqron

Love the logos pulling through in the words

shoutBack on 24/3/11 by CathRon

Simple and easy. Love how you have brought design elements into your ‘I Heart Power’…really gives it some depth.

shoutBack on 23/3/11 by DuncanBoxie


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