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the boxer

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Didn't make it
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Words by the designer:

when i submitted this one i heard some vampires voices, saying:“BLOOD!BLOOD!BLOOD!”
So, i heard you, vampires no need to go after me :-))
3 colors on white
some details


thanks again

shoutBack on 7/2/11 by kharmazero


shoutBack on 7/2/11 by s3studio

thanks a lot guys ;-)))

shoutBack on 2/2/11 by kharmazero

Dude I would be freaking stoked if I could get my hands on a tee like this…amazing work. One of the best Ive seen from you, which is saying something :)

shoutBack on 1/2/11 by DuncanBoxie

this is freakin so nice man!!!

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by ged