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Umbrella Man

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Open Theme July 2

Words by the designer:

Who needs an umbrella when there’s no rain?


Ahh SO cool!! Love it :)

shoutBack on 5/8/11 by Maike

very nice clean design! Cool idea man!

shoutBack on 5/8/11 by Qimstudio

Sick design.. very cool..

shoutBack on 4/8/11 by Effin'Sweet

This has such a mood to it – peaceful!

shoutBack on 4/8/11 by CathRon

Yes I agree, I like the clean execution of this design.
Is this supposed to be any specific city?

shoutBack on 1/8/11 by DuncanBoxie

Nice and clean. Tick.

shoutBack on 28/7/11 by MACH1000

woah great!!

shoutBack on 28/7/11 by barmalisiRTB