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Best Star Trek video. Ever. Got the t-shirt

shoutOut on 24/5/09 by EranEyal in

There is so much hype surrounding Star Trek right now with the new movie being out and all.

Now I grew up on Star Trek video and TV madness when I was a kid. As I grew up new Star Trek series came out, and a bunch of movies to boot as well.

Yet beneath all of this lay a really cool subculture of incredible designs, spoofs and videos. With the advent of the Internet and amazing social media tools that ensued, people were able to start sharing amazing Star Trek video, pictures, designs, t-shirt, spoofs and more like never before.

Over time I collected some cool links and nowis the time to share. The Star Trek movie has really created a new lease of life on the series. Thank the powers that be!

So I will leave it up to you to decide. What is the Best Star Trek video. Ever.? Have your say – have you been there, got the t-shirt? If so, now is the time to be totally humbled, roll on the floor in hysterics or strut yer stuff. Here we go!

To start with the absolute BOMB rather than a lemon (There are lots and you won’t find them here!) we shoot out with the classic tale – it’s kind of unanimously believed that the cast were imbuing quite a bit of – ahem – headspace enhancing/altering substances back in the 70’s. Jefferson Airplane’s classic White Rabbit track is the perfect start to this awesome challenge of finding the awesome Best Star Trek video, ever made. Here it is without much further ado!

hooooookay! Finished rolling around in the aisles? That was my super dooper Best Ever Star Trek video candidate at no.1 I think I pretty much pwned it.

Moving on to the number 2 positition (although it’s a darn close second, let me tell you) has to be the Best Trippy and Funny Star Trek video I know of. It’s about 3 minutes long and the climax is worth the wait. If ever there was a candidate in the running this could well be the one. Once you see this, go out and proudly claim you have seen the Best Star Trek video. EVER!

Wowie zowie! – there you have it. Told you it was worth the wait. Oh my hat. Feel like you can say you Got the T-shirt?

Ahem – moving on into the number three position.

Well this one is pretty much proving the point made above, with a classic bit of William Shatner love – not sure if you know but our good Captain Tiberius Kirk had a bit of a stint as a singer. Yes. He hath the lungs. He released some cd’s too and Star Trek catapulted Shatner as a revered cultural icon in the late 70’s and the 80’s. Magic man. Rocket man. Elton John’s famous song Rocket Man was a point of great contraversy regarding what the real meaning of the song was

So here is contender no. 3 for the position of Best Star Trek video. Who do you think takes the cake?

I know what you’re thinking! “Back off” Eran! What the hell! WTF??!!! Where did these mad little Star Trek video gems come from??? Well, like I said – Been there, got the t-shirt!

Moving on! Number 4!

So we have two awesome genres to consider :
1. Star Trek – best sci-fi series with most longevity EVER.
2. Monty Python – hands down best comedy series that transcended so many generations.

but perhaps they can find some unholy union! What if they produced a bastard child of British Humour, American celluloid jumbled together in the depths of space married by the virtue of technology… Contender for the most classic best Star Trek video… step up to the plate.

What a satalward bunch! Star knights shining in the night of deep space.

Seems that Leonard Nimoy kicks us into the next position with a bit of Lord of the Rings love courtesy of the lungs of Spock. Bilbo Baggins meets the Vulcans. No. Not the Elves. The Vulcans. hooha.

Finally feel like you got the t-shirt to prove you’ve been there? Not yet! Crawl out that Hobbit hole for a final jab at the coveted position of stellar Best Star Trek video.

We can’t forget the time that Bones, Kirk, Sulu met the White Rabbit. Down the rabbit hole they went and this is what they found.

Bam! There you have em – the gems in my collection! Hope you
enjoy em and share em with your pals. HAVE YOUR SAY! cast your Vote, have your say! Which one takes the cake for the Best Star Trek video ever made?? Which on will it be?


LoL yeah I know most of these clips, thanks da powers for Youtube.
Thats psychadelic scene where they are captured by those Greek God lookin fellows is simply amazing….Kirk is a reering bronco…CLASSIC!!!!

Oh and as for the movie, i have to say I really enjoyed it, the important thing is to forget everything you know about the original Startrek series and take this as an entirely seperate “universe”.
Off the scale effects, action, a touch of humour….nicely balanced.
Dude theres even a few lines that only the serious Trekkies will catch…so just sit back and enjoy it for what it is….a cleaned up-polished-refelection of what might have been.

shoutBack on 26/5/09 by DuncanBoxie

Hey here are some links that related to my comment. Its all about sharing information :)

For more info on J.J Abrams



Star Trek The Movie

Viral post on J.J Abrams Cloverfield diary, click here


And here is some Star trek t-shirt designs

shoutBack on 25/5/09 by amyabrahams

Good one Eran!

I love the way J.J Abrams made the movie to suit two audiences. He carefully made it so that Star Trek can influence the current generation as well as future generations like it did in the past. The movie takes you back to the very beginning of Star Trek and how the team was formed. This allowed many people that arent die hard fans to understand it, and the movie had a second level which only die hard fans may understand, he did not attempt to go back and rewrite it as many have claimed in blogs. This was very clever as it suited a mass audience. J.J was the brain child behind movies like Cloverfield (which had a huge PR and viral campaign) and series like Fringe, Lost, and Alias.

He is totally reinventing Star Trek and the future of it in the present generation!and you know what that means! MORE T-SHIRTS FOR US!

I cant wait to get my Star Trek t-shirt, it will fit comfortably with my Springleap Star Wors t-shirt!

shoutBack on 25/5/09 by amyabrahams

My funniest collection of Star Trek memories. This is for you Tu.

shoutBack on 24/5/09 by EranEyal


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