tribute by stu031

a tribute to bunny sucide

Tribute design close up with stu031 by DuncanBoxie

Ever wanted to know what sad emo bunnies get up to?
Well for the most part they act a lot like lemmings.
Suicidal bunnies? what a cruel world indeed.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?
The mortality of fury little animals

2. What was the original concept idea?
It was Easter time and I was sick of looking at friendly happy bunnies trying to sell me chocolate.

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?
An entire lunch break.

4. Did any other artwork inspire you to create this?
THE BOOK OF BUNNY SUICIDE by Andy Riley , amazing stuff, Andy Riley also writes for my favourite TV series Black Books.

5. Do you think this design reflects your state of mind from when it was created?
God I hope not.

6. Is this your normal style or an experiment?
Don’t have a normal style everything is an experiment.

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?
Cannabilistic bunnys of the world.

8. If you could change anything in this design what would it be?
More chainsaws and maybe a unicorn in the background taped to a stapler.

9. What kind of person do you see wearing this design?
Peta members.

10. What kind of value do you think this design adds to the design world?
Its a bunny t-shirt dude, not that much I would think.


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