Stimorol - Refreshing Packaging Design Contest

Afri Vibe by cuttingedgeadvertising

Show me another design Avg Vote Score : 1.62 About this Design : Uploaded on Apr 10, 2021

I wanted to come up with a design that had an African vibe with a hint of Retro combined. The dancing woman brings in the funky Retro element and reflects the fun image of the brand at the same time. The African designs add a refined and slightly sophisticated feel which balances the design as a whole. The African design and bright colours reflect the look of exquisite African beadwork. At the same time the bright colours are functional, in that they will attract the eye of the consumer when the product is on shelf amongst other ranges. Colours and design have both been considered for the printing process to make the job cost effective (number of colours used) and simple to print for both litho and flexo.