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Blooming Phoenix

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Skillshow I - Packaging Design

Words by the designer:

In my opinion, packaging has to be sustainable and reusable to reduce waste. That is why I decided to create a packaging with just these attributes for the fictional tea brand "BloomingPhoenix". Flowering tea or blooming tea is a traditional chinese product consisting of high qualitytea leaves and a flower bound together in an artistic way. The packaging protects the content and stages chinese tradition and modernness through materials and graphics. Only natural materials like wood and paper were used. Inspiration for the packaging came from the tea itself, having a wooden surface and a colorful inner. The patterns were developed according to chinese lattice windows and visualize the traditional character of the product. Every part of the packaging can be open easily through resealable mechanisms supporting an easy operation. Furthermore the box can be reused as a tea light saving the environment.


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