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Girly Man Wine

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Didn't make it
Skillshow I - Packaging Design

Words by the designer:

While talking with avid wine drinkers I had discovered there was a demand for a smaller serving size than the typical 25 ounce 750 ml wine bottle. Many wine drinkers felt they have trouble finishing an entire bottle before it goes bad. Therefore, I wanted to offer a smaller quantity that could be sold seperately or in variety packs. Girly Man Wine is a cork top pint of wine that fits in at the pub. The beverage and packaging is designed to disrupt the typical distribution style of wine. Girly Man takes on a little masculinity through its craft beer like presentation, but does not take itself too seriously. The pint is ideal for guys who would like to enjoy wine in environments that would otherwise deem the traditional wine drinker as pretentious. Art direction was heavily influenced by the Gangs of New York time period. The designs were screen printed by hand by rolling the bottles against the flat screen. Photography by Justin Smith.


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