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Obie and Babbette - The original OB Lovers by alex.noble.169

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Uploaded on Sep 11, 2021

These two characters are of old marine gentlemen and gentlewomen of the seas. The man’s character is derived from ancient Greek mythology, the god Poseidon, King of the Seas and brother of Zeus, also known as Neptune. The Earth Shaker and the Tamer of Horses. The female character comes from the mythological Greek aquatic creatures – Sirens, also known as Mermaids. Half woman half fish, extremely beautiful, with long soft hair. She is an Oceanid, a nymph of the sea, known to lure men into the deeps of the ocean. Obie and Babbette - OB - they are the Original Old Brown Lovers, SHARING THE WARMTH by drinking a glass of SEDGWICK OLD BROWN SHERRY