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Spooky Chocolates

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Skillshow I - Packaging Design

Words by the designer:

Based on your scariest nightmare superstars, we bring you five mind-numbing, mind-wobbling and super inappropriate experiences never tasted by your kind. Products: MUMMY PIE AND ZOMBIE FUDGE Resurrect your taste buds with chunks of chocolate fudge, mutated with crisp & refreshing mint. CRUNCHY BONES Feel the ultimate crunch of cocoa wafers dipped in nasty white chocolate. VAMPIRE CRANBERRY Give in to the seduction of cranberry tangled with dark chocolate…suck on to the last drop. THE EVIL GUMBALL PASTRY The uncertainty of the flavour is the thrill, keep playing untill you get it right. SATAN’S SPICE A sinful blend of spices, hot enough to blur the line between hell and heaven.


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