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"The Big 5" Stimorol

Design by:

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Didn't make it
Stimorol - Refreshing Packaging Design Contest

Words by the designer:

New Concept I wanted to capture all the brands new goals in one wholistic design. After researching I found South Africa to base a lot of their ideals on the “Big Five Animals” of the area. The animals being the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant. I chose to use simple illustrations of these animals to showcase the products chewers and/or users. I found the chewer to posses traits such as, outgoing, connected, evolved, on the go, energetic, and powerful. These traits are also possessed by the “Big Five.” I turned the animals into patterns to give the packaging a retro feel while also adding movement and energy, a lot like the personality and lifestyle of those who would chew this gum. For the sixth flavor, “original,” I wanted the design to be all about you the chewer. It exhibits a metallic outside that is reflective and lets one see themselves in it, and offers the idea of “what makes you original.” The overall new design asks the chewer to "find their inner animal."


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