If your creation is the winning design in any competition held by Fashion Evolution (PTY) ltd or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (hereafter referred to as "Springleap"), and is accepted for use (use refers to any implementation of that creation which may take the form -but is not limited to- garments, merchandise, printed and/or online media as well as sublicensing that design in any reproduction that Springleap deem fit. Hereafter referred to as "the products".) you assign the entire right, title and interest in and to the copyright to your creation. This cessation includes the right to sue for past infringement and the right to further sublicense of the creation in any form, manner or for any purpose. You also acknowledge that you waive all "moral", "artistic", "constitutional" and/or "ethical" rights that you may have in and to your creation.

Creations may take the form of any original image and/or slogan created by the person who submitted the artwork that comply with the rules and regulations, terms and conditions listed in the Springleap Submission Terms and Conditions.

If your creation is the winning creation in any given event or competition, Springleap may use the creation in any manner that Springleap deems fit including - but not limited to - commercial purposes, changing the creation in any way or quantity, creating derivative works thereof, using the design for marketing and/or promotional purposes both online and offline. You also relinquish to Springleap all legal rights to the creations including the right to register the copyright for that creation with any copyright office both in South Africa and abroad in your name. Rather Springleap will be registered as the claimant and sole proprietor of said creation. In the eventuality that Springleap requires any form of information to effect this copyright, you also agree to provide the required information in any form at no cost to Springleap.

In ceding the creation and all rights thereto to Springleap, you also cede the right to sublicense, sell, resell or distribute or authorise any third party to use or reproduce that creation in any form or fashion for any purpose whether commercial or otherwise.

Once the creation has been submitted to Springleap for consideration for a competition or entry into any other event, launch, contest or media event held by Springleap, you may not use, sublicense, authorise for use, reproduce, submit to any other competition or contest that creation for ninety (90) days after the competition you have entered with Springleap closes. Once ninety (90) days have passed from the aforementioned time, if your creation is not chosen for reproduction by Springleap, you are free to use your creation for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

Should your creation be used anywhere other than Springleap, the onus lies on you to immediately inform Springleap via email. Email must be sent to removeme@springleap.com and the body of the email must contain the following information: the manner, date, where or with whom the creation is being or will be used. Springleap will then remove that creation from the Springleap website and from consideration for any contest/ competition/ event. Reproduction of this creation in any form or manner also disallows you from advertising, mentioning or popularising the usage of the aforementioned creation or the manner and location in which that creation has been used and/or implemented anywhere within the Springleap site or any of Springleap's related tools, operations and/or facilities including www.myspace.com and www.facebook.com pages and other related social networking tools that are relevant to Springleap. Promotion of this creation or its location are forbidden amongst the Springleap community. Promotion of an competitive company to Springleap products and services is also forbidden using any facility offered by Springleap or within its community.

By submitting your creation to Springleap you acknowledge that the creation is a completely original work/ design that has never previously been published, produced, reproduced, licensed and is your own work. Furthermore the creation contains no trademarks, logos, copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property belonging to any third party, or any material, which Springleap in its sole discretion, deems to be profane or offensive.

The winning creation from each themed t-shirt design competition held every second week on the Springleap website, will be selected from designs submitted for the competition within the submission period stipulated on the design brief posting for that specific competition. The submission cut off date for each unique competition will be stated within the design brief on the Springleap website. Springleap reserves the right to change any times and dates concerning any competition at any time of Springleap's choosing. Notification of that change will be posted on the Springleap website.

The winning creation will be chosen by means of a community vote wherein registered Springleap members vote for approved submitted designs available within each competition period as described above. The creation that receives the highest average in votes calculated into a percentage from votes received within that period will be the overall winner. In the event of a tie, low voter participation or any other reason seen fit by company, a selection panel from Springleap will determine the winner. The overall winner will receive the following prizes: a cash prize of 7482.18 South African Rands and 20 of their winning Springleap t-shirt creations. The cash prize is always paid in South African Rands and will be subject to whatever the current rate of exchange is at the time of winning.

Springleap reserves the right to change these payment terms and conditions as well as the overall winner's winning bundles at any time by notification on the Springleap website. Changes are effective immediately from the time of the posting of these changes. Payment and prizes will be based on the terms in effect for the competition of your winning design. You alone will be responsible for the declaration and payment of any tax that arises as a result of receiving any monies from Springleap. You alone will also be responsible for any duties that are incurred when the tshirts that constitute your winnings or part thereof in your country.

Payment will be sent within 30 days of receipt and approval of the winning creation by Springleap.com. If the hi-resolution artwork is not deemed suitable for print as determined by Springleap for reasons stipulated in the "READ ME PLEASE" pdf file within the Springleap Submissions Kit or listed on the Springleap website, Springleap will notify you of the reason(s) for its determination by email and will make a good-faith effort to assist you in presenting a suitable hi-resolution format.

You acknowledge that Springleap reserves the right to decline or select a creation for consideration for any reason, including poor design, failed communication, artwork resolution issues, profanity as further explained in the "READ ME PLEASE" pdf file that is available for download in the Springleap Submissions Kit. These reasons are subject to change at any given time with or without notice at the sole discretion of Springleap.

Any creations or submitters who contravene any single or combined elements of the Springleap Terms and Conditions or for any reason mentioned within the "READ ME PLEASE" pdf file, or at the sole discretion and opinion of Springleap can be excluded from the competition at any time without notice.

The decisions of Springleap are final and binding.