Hansa Pilsener Design Contest Case Study

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Hansa Pilsener Design Contest Case Study

The Hansa Pilsener design contest resulted in such a great furvor with fans that Hansa Pilsener have returned to Springleap to buy 7 design in total from this contest. Their original budget included 50,000 tshirts. Due to massive demand, Hansa Pilsener have printed ofer 140,000 tshirts from this design contest campaign.


Springleap your brand with the preferred design contest platform.

Springleap is the design contest platform of choice for brands such Nokia, Pioneer Foods, Marmite, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Adobe Photoshop Magazine, Lexus, Kraft Foods and many more.


SOLVING brand challenges:

1. Lacking variety of top-quality designs for your briefs
2. Engaging and rewarding your fans
3. No existing and accessable receptive community to tap into
4. Constantly looking for a reliable partner to produce the end product to retail quality levels
4. No partners who can create revenue streams around those products and deal with issues of logistics, distribution & administration
6. No turnkey end-to-end reputable solution across the entire value chain
Springleap.com offers online design contests as stand-alone or integrated marketing solutions for brands and agencies. 
With access to a global talent pool of over 250 000 members, Springleap sources a huge diversity of unique  designs for any brief, while 
engaging your brands’ target audiences and the ever-growing Springleap community in engaging viral campaigns. 
Springleap also offers corporate printing and production services to turn winning designs into a wide range of top retail-quality merchandise, which can be sold via individually branded micro-shops on the Springleap.com website.
Through Springleap’s design contests, brands have the opportunity to empower designers with large cash prizes as incentives, as well as extensive exposure - adding a strong CSR component through sourcing and empowering freelance and emerging designers for each branded campaign. 
The strong social voting component of the contests provides viral exposure for brands on social media platforms (eg Facebook and Twitter), and a platform to engage their own brand fans to bring together meaningful, measurable statistics whilst filling them with a sense of loyalty and ownership.
To date, Springleap has awarded designers over $250,000 in cash prizes and ongoing royalties for solving a wide variety of brand design problems.
Springleap was placed 2nd at the prestigious Innovation 100 Awards in California, beating the likes of Apple App Store, Threadless, Amazon, Zazzle and eBay.
Additional services:
  ► Stand-alone corporate and promotional printing solutions
  ► Retail-quality product sourcing ranging from custom mobile phone cases to wall art
  ► Facebook / Social Media ad spend management and consultancy services via Springleap’s division, iCanHazSocial.

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