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Design and creative crowdsourcing needs an overhaul. It’s arrived.

Meet our team as we share our vision and mission to help creatives,
agencies and brands thrive.

Dedicated to Helping Creativity Thrive

  • Eran Eyal

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    Eran Eyal
    CEO & Founder

  • Evan Walther

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    Evan Walther
    BizDev & CoFounder

  • Trevor Wolfie

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    Trevor Wolfe
    MD Africa & Middle East

  • Catherine Ronaasen

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    Catherine Ronaasen
    COO Africa

  • Julia Read

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    Julia Read
    Community Manager

  • Bessie Sibanyoni

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    Bessie Sibanyoni
    Sales Executive

  • Andrew Price

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    Andrew Price
    Sales Executive

  • Remon Geyser

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    Remon Geyser
    Sales Executive

We’re a team of dedicated nuts that love creativity… looking to evolve an industry.

Situated in New York and South Africa, our team is dedicated to empowering creatives by becoming the
utility to the agency and brand world for accessing top creative talent, insights and inspiration.

It’s a big task… but we’ve got the passion, determination and vision to take the mission.


At Springleap we make sure that the right creatives are on the job, creating opportunity
for the best talent with aspirational clients: Agencies, Brands, Startups. No small
bounties. A golden circle of creatives who get paid to pitch, follow on work.

These are some of the few ways we’re stepping up the game in the crowdsharing



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