Easter Packaging design - inspiration

Happy Easter one and all!

Yep it’s that time of year again – time for good natured bunnies to disperse yummy multi-coloured chocolate eggs throughout the gardens of the world.

As many of you will know we are currently running our very first packaging design contest for Stimorol. So, I thought it would be cool to stick with the Easter vibe, but still share some packaging design inspiration to help our designers with their concepts.

The first design comes from a company called Moo Free, which makes a dairy free milk chocolate alternative Easter Egg. I really love the way this was put together. It has a minimally executed illustration, which suits the fact that the product is milk free and has a healthy vibe to it. The cute little bunny and daisies work well set against the relatively large background colour. This kind of concept could really be a smart approach for designers who are looking for a design that is uncluttered and clean.
We have already seen a few ‘cutesy character’ designs come through and I must say they look super awesome.

The next design I want to show you is a Traidcraft Easter Egg that has a nice clear aesthetic. Usually I don’t like it when packaging design couples clean illustration with full colour photographic elements, because they often clash too much. However, strangely I don’t mind how this turned out!
The box also includes a little book that explains the true meaning of what Easter is all about.
 Each egg has a quote from the Bible which is taken from Mark (Resurrection text). Overall the balance of this design just seems to work!

Foiled wrapped chocolate bunnies have been a family favourite for many years! When I was a kid I loved the characters so much that I didn’t even want to eat them, hehe. These days companies go above and beyond to create simply amazing chocolate bunny designs. While this kind of packaging design is quite different from the wrapper style of Stimorol chewing gum, I still feel that they can inspire designers to effectively use shape and colour. This type of design allows a designer to use the full power of character design to their advantage.

I hope that these examples of Easter packaging design have helped inspire your design concepts.

There should be plenty of designers who have a bit of extra free time over the Easter period, so why not send through a sub for Stimorol

The Springleap team wishes all of our members that are celebrating Easter a very happy holiday!
We hope you have tons of fun with family hunting down all those tasty chocolate eggs :)

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