Essie custom printing by Kingslip

Greetings one and all :)

As always Springleap loves to celebrate our designers in all of their ventures, no matter if it is t-shirt related or otherwise .

Kingslip is a designer that needs no introduction.
He has sent through so many amazing design submissions and has the ability to create visually appealing designs with ease.

Ben (thats his real name hehe) has recently started up a letterpress company with his wife Vanessa called Essie and let me tell you this dynamic duo has got it going on!!!!

These guys are self-proclaimed lovers of “colour, pattern, texture and design” , which is abundantly clear when you peruse their styling website.

Their studio based in one of the most beautiful regions of SA, Citrusdal!
I can picture them chilling in their old farm shed studio , surrounded by fields of breathtaking flowers, creating shweeeeet design.

Vanessa and Ben create jaw-dropping tags, note cards and also do stunning work for weddings . There is no doubt that this creative pair have the ‘design might’ to create artwork with a winning edge!

I love that all of their design is created by using an old 1964 German proofing press .
It ensures that each individual copy that is made is slightly unique… AWESOME!

When you consider how long the letterpress has been around and how much workmanship and perseverance goes in to using one of these presses you begin to develop a keen appreciation for this art form.

For those of you who don’t know Kingslip’s amazing design on Springleap, please check out his winning designs, Astroschool , Hey baby and I mean like WOAH! .

To get in contact with Vanessa and Ben please jump across to their contact page .

Nice one Ben. Very cool to see that you rock all sorts of design!

The Springleap team sends their best and will keep a lookout for peeps looking to create some uber special print design


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  1. CathRon

    Nice blog! Always great to know what our talented designers are up to. I am a big fan of vintage anything, and these examples really are something to stare at for ages and ages and… well back to work now!

  2. Maike

    Awesome stuff!!! Always great to Springleap designers building up their design carrier! Loving the essie cards :)
    Good luck with everything Ben & Vanessa!!

  3. kingslip

    thanks all, should you ever want to print any of your art in an awesome way, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line

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