Eugene Terre'Blanche gay- was he or wasn't he??

So we’ve all heard the news- or maybe you haven’t…

Good ol’ Eugene Terre’Blanche, the most famous racist in the country, was murdered just last week. Allegedly the guy was found dead in his bed with his trousers around his knees

Terre’Blanche, a former South African policeman, founded the AWB in 1973 with the objective to form an independent white Afrikaner State and was known for his flamboyant racist and homophobic oratory. Oh, and his forceful personality that he used to convert people to his cause. .

As a critical consumer of the media, one has to ask… Is this all just smoke in mirrors or could there be some truth to the allegations? What we have to realise is that this is merely speculation at this point. We all know the way the media is prone to twisting information to sell papers. It is, however, a very interesting speculation with many indications that it points to the truth. Or does it?

I’ve come up with a list of arguments for and against the case that Eugene Terre’Blanche was a homosexual. Let’s just get something straight before we even start. The views expressed here are my own personal opinion, so like it or lump it!

1. Yes- Where there’s smoke…

Right. First things first. I am always skeptical of people who publicly express their hatred of an idea. In my opinion, homophobes that are outspoken regarding their hatred are secretly harbouring homosexual desires

This is psychology 101 people. It’s pretty obvious to me that unless you’re scared to death of something, why would you need to go on a public rampage about it? My feeling is that Eugene Terre’Blanche was terrified of his own secret sexual fantasies so he got angry about it.

The AWB are notoriously homophobic. If this were proved true it would be one of the most outrageous examples of hypocrisy imaginable and would either rock the world of every neo- nazi out there or would serve perhaps as evidence toward the theory that homophobia relates directly to fear of one’s own homosexuality.

2.No- It’s a smear campaign started by the ANC

The ANC has come under some serious fire this week. We’ve all seen the clips of Julius Malema kicking the BBC journalist out the media conference last week.

If you havent, here it is:

Aside from that, the outlandish comments he has made over the past few months are causing havoc for the ANC’s reputation. Perhaps they thought if they deflect some attention away from themselves it would relieve them of the pressure. Well, that and the fact that Terre’Blanche is dead now and isn’t able to defend himself

4. Yes- and he used protection

Rumour has it that there was a used condom found at the crime scene. The allegation is that one of Terre’Blanche’s murderers was actually an AWB member who used to visit Terre’Blanche on a regular basis. He was allegedly also sexually abused by him repeatedly.

Hmmm.. I’m not so sure about this one. Was he sexually abused or did he consent? If the latter doesn’t apply, why did he continue to visit? Unless we can suppose he was forced to. Terre’Blanche is a notoriously cruel chap after all.

5. Yes- and he’s done it before…

Back in the 80’s a story emerged of an AWB bodyguard who claimed to have woken up after a night of heavy partying to find Terre’Blanche on top of him, trying to molest him.

The bodyguard laid a complaint within the AWB and was promptly kicked out of the organisation. The bodyguard went to the Vrye Weekblad - the only newspaper that would run the story.

After the story was published, there was no reaction from Terre’Blanche or the AWB. Terre’Blanche’s foray into Ventersdorp the fateful Friday of his murder - to buy ciders for his workers, and a bottle of vodka for himself - appears to be no different from the AWB shindig in the 1980’s.

6. Yes- and he likes to spoon

One of the murderers is alleged to have slept in Terre’Blanche’s arms whenever he stayed over. City Press reported that new AWB leader Steyn van Ronge commented on the allegation that the boy was lying in Terre’Blanche’s arms when he slept over at his farm: Apparently he (Terre’Blanche) felt sorry for him because his parents were divorced

7. No- he clearly didn’t own hair product or moisturiser

Say what you will, but no self respecting gay man would be caught on camera looking like this people. Come on. I bet he’s never had a facial and that he’s in dire need of a pedicure.

8. No- the shoes say it all!

‘Nuff said?

So was he or wasn’t he?

Could it be that the ‘Martyr’ is in fact a nothing more than a self hating gay man who was unable to come out and embrace his true self in culture of Afrikaner rigor?

Oh I do hope it’s true. That’ll teach us about hatred and bigotry. We’re all just people. We can’t buy into a person’s rhetoric because they are in a position of power. And if we do, we can’t idealise them.

Buying into someone’s ideals unleashes a landslide of concerns. Maybe we even have to feel a bit sorry for Terre’Blanche.

Or can we? Could this hater have been just another confused guy who couldn’t deal with his stuff? One thing’s for sure: we have to build up our own integrity and demand it from our leadership (I’m referencing the ANC and the ANCYL as well)

Well that’s enough of that for now. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this story to see how it unfolds.

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