Monty Python fan art Part I

Holy Killer Bunny of Caerbannog, there’s a lot of fan art out there these days! Hell, by now anyone with half an eye and a dial-up modem still stuck in the 1990s would know that there’s an entire universe of Breaking Bad fan art (which we’ll get to, shortly - stay tuned on that front) out there. And of course, starstruck Star Trek and Star Wars fans have been coughing up masses of adoring tributes since Jedi’s did battle with Klingons…OK, so that’s never actually happened, but let’s face it - when you’re discussing fan art, reality isn’t necessarily a yardstick. Nor, for that matter is the subject of today’s post - Monty Python fan art. It’s a fertile subject with a planet full of fans, so we’ve set off into the wilds of the interweb and brought back some of the very finest.



For a start, we simply have to bring this amazing Lego Python fan art to your attention. Is it official? Of course it’s not official, you dimwitted oaf! Right - any more of that, and it’s off to the Coliseum for you…wait, that’s Life Of Brian, isn’t it? Yes, it is. Anyway, getting back to the fan art in question - slap your peepers on this ingenious Holy Grail fan-made Lego set concept, which features nothing less than the fearsome Rabbit of Caerbannog itself! Comes with massive “nasty, big, pointy teeth!” just as portrayed in the movie! Well, actually, it technically doesn’t, really…and why? Because, you cloth-eared bint, it’s a concept! Tsk, some people… And who, pray tell, do we owe praises and thanks for bringing such a wonderfully preposterous item such as this to (virtual) life? A talented Flickr user who goes by the somewhat unusual and quite possibly Scandinavian name of Rifiröfi. See more of his brilliant Holy Grail Lego set mockups on his Flickr



Of course, no mention of the mighty killer bunny who is no ordinary rabbit (at least according to Tim The Enchanter) can safely pass on this site without reference to a T-shirt design submitted here some moons ago by the handsome, polite and very talented VCalahan! As with the best Monty Python fan art out there, it’s entirely inspired by Monty Python, and is 100% free of any Hollywood references, preservatives, botox or any other such nonsense. It’s just pure inspiration, a couple of old soldiers and one huge and extremely fluffy killer bunny. As T-shirt fan art goes, it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s fair to say that if there were a Knights of The Round Design Table, Sir VCalahan would indeed be a knight sitting at it. What’s that, you say? You want the Killer Bunny tee, do you, eh? Very well, if you insist - go here.



Staying with the Holy Grail and all the great quotes contained in it, here’s a real-world piece that’s an absolute must for the diehard Python fan - indeed, this is even suitable for hipsters with a more than unusual hankering for real-world, free-trade, organic, gluten-free, 100% sustainable dairy-free products such as…cross stitch. Yes fans, here’s a treat for the fan who has it all, and what’s more - even your somewhat dim third cousin once removed could make this without too much bother. Behold, fans whose fathers were possibly hamsters: the French Soldier ‘elderberries’ quote!


Now, if you simply cannot live without this beautiful dedication to mildly botanical insults, good news: you too can make this and hang it on your fanboy wall. How? Through the magic of the interweb, and the good people at TutsPlus, is how! Click here and all will be revealed! Before we sign off, and seeing that this has stacked up to be one long Grailfest, we’ve tracked down the best Python fan art video we can find - which just happens to be the ‘Camelot’ singalong scene - enjoy!




Is that it? A few morsels of Holy Grail fan art, and we’re off, like a rat out of an aqueduct? Oh, no - we’d never do that to you. Stick around - this is just Part I. Part II, in line with the longstanding tradition  sequential installations, will follow. Stay tuned - and do stay away from that rabbit. It’s vicious, I tell you, just vicious. It’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

p.s: still want more Python goodness? As it happens, you’re in luck - we have a prime slice of parrot-flavoured Python right here.


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