Vintage Rock And Roll T-shirts

Hey, hello, hi and Happy Monday to all T-shirt lovers out there! As you’d probably know by now, we at Springleap love classic design and we’re pretty damn t-shirt crazy. So, in the interests of historical review, and to provide inspiration to the needy, we’ve dredged up some of the greatest vintage Rock And Roll T-shirts of all time.

Cool, let’s kick this baby into gear!



First up: the almighty Rolling Stones ‘Hot Licks’. Designed by John Pasche in 1970 and used on the ‘Sticky Fingers’ album, it’s arguably the most well-recognised rock ‘n roll design of all time. It’s loud, it’s cheeky and it’s still one of the iconic tees ever!

Next up: a dyed-in-the-blood rock tee classic that features the artwork from Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album.



This icon of cool features the design created by the legendary Peter Saville and inspired by the successive pulses of Pulsar CP 1919,  the first pulsar ever discovered. Designed in 1979, it’s still going strong today - this is a tee that hipsters and rockers still covet, 33 years later!

Rounding off today’s trip back through time, no post about classic rock ‘n roll tees would be complete without a mention of the famous Guns ‘n Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction’ tee.

It’s a take on a gothic cross which combined a religious theme with that ever-popular visual theme - skulls - to create an instant classic. The cross and skull design was devised by Axl Rose as a tattoo featuring the 5 members of the band, drawn by artist Bill White Jr, and re-drawn by Andy Engell to create the end result we see here.



So - those are just three of the many classic tees we’ll be featuring here on The Leap in our Greatest T-Shirts Of All Time series. We know there are many, many more - care to suggest your favourite all-time classic? Let us know! Send a mail to travis(at)!

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