Windows vs Apple - the Creative’s Playground

South African industry creatives rely heavily on technology and software/programs to bring their innovative visions to life.

In choosing the tools for the trade, the choice is somewhat limited to the two corporate giants in the computing industry; Windows vs Apple.

These brands are naturally forced into a hot seat of competitive product offerings, having positioned themselves on a scale with competitors that hardly anybody uses. Pertaining to the art of creative brand communication and advertising, which of these operating systems holds more stead in enabling the usage of the right software, and which ones are relatives more drawn to? We’ll break down the boundaries and take into account what the specialists need to perform their craft. Let the battle begin…


Good old Windows…we’ve seen the brand go through massive changes to uphold its value on the consumer market. Whether working on a fixed desktop or a mobile laptop, creatives will enjoy the available processing power and RAM that can be added onto the motherboard as well as the personal customisation of the integrated software.

A graphic artist, art director or multi media specialist, having to work with hi res images to create, edit and adapt their designs/motion graphics will have access to the smooth flow of processing speed - and a lack of the colour wheel of doom. Many design-based creatives, including the talented coders who develop websites, appreciate the industry standard software that comes part and parcel in the Windows system. Even small shifts in typing commands can cause hassle for coding language, and Apple’s keyboard is structured very differently from Window’s - even if it doesn’t seem that way at first glance.


Kudos and a standing ovation is deserving of the accomplishments and innovative technology that has been developed by the Apple brand. The sleek, luxurious look and feel appeals to many creatives who have a slightly higher income and can afford the additional digit on the price tag. Probably the best thing for copywriters, creative writers or any wordsmith - the simplicity of the Microsoft Word extension and the easy access of the “notes” application always at the bottom of your screen results in no ideas being left behind - a writer’s worst nightmare! The Adobe Suite, arguable any creatives best friend, often comes part and parcel of any Macbook you may purchase (for a little extra cash, of course…) This is an added bonus, as the creative can have access to everything they may need all at once. We cannot ignore the revolutionary and highly impressive graphics and textures that are integrated with the hardware in Apple computers. The expanse of colour generation and crystalline, HD visuals is a well-rounded a boon for artists who rely on optical eye candy for their profession.

Are you a creative that wants the best of both worlds? Do you crave an innovative lifestyle with high aspirations but at the same time hold strong to values of power, systemic efficiency and functionality? Don’t forget that you can integrate Windows 8 onto your OSX… The Windows Vs Apple argument gets a bit blurry here…

For now, It would seem that Windows is on the winning side. Technically, one could spend a little more money and acquire an HD monitor with an impressive aspect ration to match the Apple’s visual caliber…

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