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I am an Entrepreneur T-shirt Design Contest

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I can’t think of any other song lyrics that fit this more then Travie McCoy - Billionaire!

Ultimately you are going on a financial adventure in hopes of becoming filthy rich…I wanted to combine the feel of the OG Entrepreneurs hence the derby hat and the distinguished gentleman’s mustache and combine that with a modern day aesthetic and song lyrics! Hope you like it!

4-Colors on White Tee

BTW this baby looks good on Black or White!


that would all depend on what your last wish is…if it’s to make love to an elderly man then sadly i will give you the Mercedes!

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by suburbanhijinx

Would you give me a Mercedes or grant me my last wish?

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by Innuendoguy519

thank you to everyone for the last minute votes and comments! I can stop stalking you on facebook now!

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by suburbanhijinx

I have seen this designer nude! Please help him win so he can afford reconstructive penal surgery! Plus this design kicks ass!

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by ralphysims


shoutBack on 10/1/11 by deliahlee

i love the shades!!

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by imtheriotgirl

This would sell!!! well done, great design love how it all comes together

shoutBack on 9/1/11 by amyabrahams

Thanks Eric and cloMo! It’s always nice to get some LOVE from the springleapers themselves!

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by suburbanhijinx

Hah. I like to call that particular Moustache, the Bandit.
Great work suburbanhijix. Thumbs Up!

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by cloMO

I love the song, and I love the Tee!

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by Eric


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