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suburbanhijinx will eat your brains!?!


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shoutOut on 20/6/12
wodiske - Thumbnail


Can you please contact me about a project we have started. wodiske@iprimus.com.au in Australia. Love your work.


shoutOut on 20/3/11
TheSickLeaves - Thumbnail

Looking forward to ordering Illuminati Propaganda in the next batch of tees.
Can’t wait for more designs from you. Keep submitting man! You rock!

shoutOut on 2/11/10
TheSickLeaves - Thumbnail

Ha ha!! Totally non perverted way. Will be ordering November tees in next week or so, keep a look out. Submit more designs soon!
Thanks Man.

shoutOut on 4/11/10


Hey man - where you at? Haven’t seen your stuff here for a bit - U FREAKIN ROCK!!!

shoutOut on 2/7/10
TheSickLeaves - Thumbnail

We can’t wait for more of your tees! Look out for upcoming Springleap competition to design a tee for The Sick-Leaves - would love for you to submit a design.
Your ‘Stayin Alive’ is out of this world! Worn it so many times for gigs and for a photo shoot.

Thanks again.

shoutOut on 26/2/10
DuncanBoxie - Thumbnail

Dude Corporate Execution is a friggin design of note.Well done!! Good luck for the compo.

shoutOut on 12/2/10
TheSickLeaves - Thumbnail

Hey Suburbanhijinx!

‘Stayin Alive’ totally ROCK! Awesome tee.
Thank you!

The Sick-Leaves have worn the the tee at performances and artist photo shoots.

link text

shoutOut on 16/2/10
RoxzyLok - Thumbnail

Hey man - you’ve got mail:)

we’ll email you about receiving STAYIN ALIVE!

shoutOut on 18/1/10
Sergio37 - Thumbnail

congratz sir!

shoutOut on 14/8/09
Sergio37 - Thumbnail

Np sir u deserve it

shoutOut on 20/8/09


nice style man

shoutOut on 10/12/09