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Introducing the very talented Hellojune with hellojune by DuncanBoxie

Hellojune is an up and coming Indonesian designer of serious merit. Lets find out more about this designer and chat about her first winning design Lunar deity delivery boy .

1. Tell us more about yourself and your family, have you always lived in the same place or moved around a lot?

I was born and raised on Lombok , it’s small island near Bali (I’m more familiar with Bali than my hometown :D) Lombok has many beautiful beaches too! *trying to promote my hometown here hahaha.
After that, I moved to Yogyakarta to study graphic design on Institute Seni Indonesia (indonesian institute of art) Yogyakarta.

After graduation, I moved to Batam , a small island near Singapore, to work at an animation studio called Infinite Frameworks , and get involve in full feature animation film, commercials and TV programs (such as National Geographic and Discovery channel) as a compositing and motion graphic artist .


2. What is the design industry like in Indonesia, where are you working at the moment?

Indonesia is full of skilled and professional artists, illustrators, graphic designers…you name it.
But if we talk about the industry itself, in my opinion, it’s young and still growing .

I decide to take a rest from the animation studio that I previously worked for, packed my bag and moved back to Yogyakarta and am now working as online freelance designer . So, if you out there, want to hire me, I’ll be happy to work on your project :)


3. Lunar deity delivery boy is such a strange name for a design, please tell us more about it.

Hmmm…first thing you should know about me.. I’m not good with words!! hahaha.
I just like to make fun, twisted ideas and try to make it as an illustration . So, one day I showed this design concept to one of most interesting people I have ever met so far and she named it Lunar Deity Delivery Boy . She always comes out with strange but interesting words. That’s why I ask her to make a title for it. Every person can and may interpret artwork on their own, maybe, when she looked at my design she imagine that the moon isn’t looking like moon that we know so far, quiet, still, pale, desolate…but it’s full of butterflies that you can order and have brought back home to Earth , to make our homeland more peaceful and beautiful .

I think I shouldn’t tell you about this, I just want every single one of you to imagine what it is, it’s better, coz maybe, it will end up as something new every time.


4. Do you have any words of wisdom for designers that have just entered the industry?

There’s no way you’re going to get any “words of wisdom” from me, just do it and it’s so much better to learn directly from the industry itself , not from someone like me ;D


5. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

From anything , just try to “twist” everything :D


thanks cath and amy :)

shoutBack on 17/1/11 by hellojune

I like your ‘just do it’ advice - best approach for anything really! Thanks for the interview

shoutBack on 12/1/11 by CathRon

wow you are so talented HelloJune

When i saw this design I instantly fell inlove! I look forward to all your future submissions!

Well done

shoutBack on 12/1/11 by amyabrahams


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