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Super Princess

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Didn't make it
Manentines Day T-shirt Design Contest

Words by the designer:


Most of you remember the classic nintendo game "Super Mario" right? 

In the game, mario had to go on a quest in finding and rescuing the princess only to be told she's in another castle and for some reason mushrooms made him bigger.


In relation to Manentine's day, I decided to reverse the game around so the princess goes on a quest in finding and rescuing a "mario like" character called omarion instead of the other way around. The princess needs to rescue omarion from shrinking.

Instead of mushrooms, beer makes Omarion bigger which is why the pricness has to collect as much beer as possible to make him "big" for the rest of the night. lol

Summing up the role of the princess

1. Escape from the castle by killing the dragon.

2. Collect as much beer as possible to present as a gift to Omarion. 

3, Find and rescue Omarion from shrinking if you know what i mean.



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