1. Design

Springleap runs all kinds of design contests. You can enter our open theme t-shirt design contest with any design you like or go for bigger prizes by designing to a brief in branded contests.

You can find the submission kits for the design contests in the next page under the contest you want to enter. Click the contest, download the design pack & submit!

2. Submit Design

Start by submitting your awesome design on the next page. Choose your contest after reading the attached brief and knock us away with your awesome talent.
It's time to Springleap.

3. Voting & Commenting

Springleap is like the "Idols" of design, giving awesome designers (like you!) the chance to shine.
Submit your design, share it on spaces like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and ask your pals to vote for you to help you win. Springleap only considers the top 15 voted designs for the winner.

4. Winning

What's in it for you? $500 for the winner of our open theme contests or $2000 upwards for brand design contests, PLUS - you get a royalty share on any products we produce! Some of the runs are in the THOUSANDS!

(By clicking the "submit" button below you accept the
terms & conditions of entering Springleap contests.)
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