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What is PRE-BUY?

shoutOut on 30/11/08 by EranEyal in

When you see the PRE-BUY button on a t-shirt design page, it means that the t-shirt is not in our stockroom yet and we are still busy making it.

Many times we sell out BEFORE the t-shirt actually reaches the stockroom.

Check below for an update of how quickly we will be able to get the t-shirt over to you.

So don’t dilly-daddle - PRE-BUY your favorite Springleap t-shirts now to avoid disappointment, and we will get them to you as quickly as we can.


äh…mean live help is always offline :P

shoutBack on 2/3/09 by shirtfan

Hi there, ordered one week ago 4 shirts of which two are in “pre-buy” status. Actually the status is still “your shirts are shipped soon”. I asked to cancel another order where payment was not proceeded but I did not get any answer + live help is always online. Well, maybe because i live outside of Africa?

Is somebody there? :)

shoutBack on 2/3/09 by shirtfan

Hey there… just wondering if the printing has got a bit faster… i see there are quite a few t’s in stock now but i am still waiting for a september T (choice is a priviledge) and the dec one “growing love” please can u estimate how long its still gonna take to get the T’s… i wanna wear them already :)
Thanx guys

shoutBack on 2/3/09 by crazytime


I would like a ladies medium t-shirt of the eSempowenis design on a pink T shirt.

there are no ladies sizes available as they reflect as being all sold out.

please can you advise when i can order one???



shoutBack on 24/2/09 by chica

How does one go about pre buying/ordering?

i want one of the above and can’t get to put it into my basket??

please help!

p.s. I think you can use better quality cotton on your white t-shirts

shoutBack on 16/2/09 by chica

AdderXYU - it will be soon! We have sorted out all the production issues, and the Tshirts are STREAMING into our stockroom. Sorry for the delay. but hopefully you’ll love the tshirt and design that you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

shoutBack on 10/2/09 by Eric

I am excited to finally see a mythical Springleap shirt in person! Which I’m hoping will be soon, since I ordered a September (Rein Dance).

shoutBack on 10/2/09 by AdderXYU

Great news everyone - we’ve got printing back on track. everything is streaming off the printing line now. in 2 weeks time, the maximum you’ll EVER have to wait for a tshirt will be 3 weeks and that’s if you order it on a pre-order. But all the other tshirts will be printed and on their way to you!

Thanks for being patient. You got to admit, the new designs are looking sick!

shoutBack on 5/2/09 by Eric

saz1 - kittypong isn’t in the stock room yet, but i’m getting an updated list of all outstanding designs later today. so it will be here very soon if not here yet

shoutBack on 4/2/09 by Eric

sounds good Eric

shoutBack on 4/2/09 by bleet


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