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What is PRE-BUY?

shoutOut on 30/11/08 by EranEyal in

When you see the PRE-BUY button on a t-shirt design page, it means that the t-shirt is not in our stockroom yet and we are still busy making it.

Many times we sell out BEFORE the t-shirt actually reaches the stockroom.

Check below for an update of how quickly we will be able to get the t-shirt over to you.

So don’t dilly-daddle - PRE-BUY your favorite Springleap t-shirts now to avoid disappointment, and we will get them to you as quickly as we can.


Here’s the latest as at the 30th November…

July Winners - currently being printed (postcards & badges already done)

August Winners - tshirts cut and ready to go to printers, positives & screens currently being made (badges already done, postcards designed but haven’t been printed)

September & October Winners - tshirts being cut, blank tshirts should arrive at springleapHQ this week & we’ll work on the positives, screens & printing once July & August are closer to being finished (badges already done, postcards designed but haven’t been printed)

November Winners - the process will begin tomorrow, starting with working out the pantone colours of the designs, making sure we have enough blanks for the winning designs, and ordering more cotton if there isn’t enough

NOTE ON PRINTING: We hope to have the Pre-buy tshirts out within a few weeks once the system is working better. Unfortunately we had a HUGE setback when our printer is Durban suddenly told us there was a TWO MONTH delay on printing. We moved the printing process to Cape Town a month ago, and are using TWO printers to catch up, but both of them are still trying to understand the complexities of the prints, which is why we can’t simply just print, and get the tshirts out.

We’re trying our best to catchup - we’re really upset that the July winners are still not ready, and are doing EVERYTHING we can, to get the printing caught up, so that we can get you your Tshirts.

For those who pre-bought and have been waiting, we hope you like the bonus Tshirts we sent you - and once again we’re SORRY for the delay in getting you the tshirts you pre-bought. Hopefully we’ll have good news for you this week.

shoutBack on 30/11/08 by Eric


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