Who's your Daddy? by dotnot

Heavy slow breathing I AM Heavy slow breathing YOUR FATHER!

YeLOLow theme winner Who's your daddy? with dotnot by DuncanBoxie

This stunning Star Wars inspired design from Dotnot walked away with a very convincing win in our YeLOLow theme competition. This is a design that will stick around for a very long time to come!

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

It was a college project. It was an epic FAIL. It was in Afrikaans, and it was for DNA

testing. I’m glad I could finally redo it and spruce it up a bit.

2. What does this design make you feel?

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback. It makes me warm and fuzzy. I can’t wait for mine!

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

5 years… he he he… Well even though it’s that old, It didn’t take up all that time.

4. Did any other artwork inspire you to create this?

Yeah, The Star Wars movies.

5. Do you think this design reflects your state of mind from when it
was created?

Yes, I feel one can see the mood. It’s heavy because it’s Darth… But light because of

the tagline.

6. Is this your normal style or an experiment?

I Would say it is more on the experimental side, even the original drawing is normal.

7. Are you a Starwars fan, or did the idea just match the theme?

I’m not your average chick. I LOVE Star Wars. I love all space soaps - Star Trek

– Battle Star Galactica – Star Gate SG1 – You name it!

8. If you could change anything in this design what would it be?

I’m pretty happy with it the way it is.

9. What kind of person do you see wearing this design?

I think everyone under 50. It’s very poppy and time relevant. You don’t have to be a

Star Wars fan to like it. My mom did ask me who the black knight was, so I won’t be too

optimistic and say ANYONE could wear it. :D But boys and girls under 50 could easily pull

this one off.

10. If you could pick any artist to recreate this piece for you who would it be?

Erika Simmons.


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