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You don’t want to hear about what we studied or where we grew up, or any of that boring stuff.

So we asked the team one IMPORTANT question…

What is your PERFECT SUNDAY?


Hello hello…

My perfect way to spend a Sunday… I’m thinking a wintery, drizzling Sunday in Cape Town - calling up a bunch of mates, cooking a giant roast lamb with a sack load of roast potatoes and a bucket of gravy. Breaking out copious vats of red wine and chatting around the table in front of a roaring fire.

Then eating way too much pudding and snoozing it all off on the couch during Carte Blanche.

Life doesn’t get any better.


Waking up late and having one of my custom greasy breakfasts and then taking an awesome hike up the mountain, to work off the breakfast. In the evening it’s complete chill mode with a good book and music, lots and lots of music.


Waking up early in the morning just before Sunrise: Grabbing my surfboard, picking up my buds and heading down to the beach to watch the sunrise from backline.

Surfing the sun to its noon and enjoying a slight breeze blowing through the air, then going to grab a burger and laughing about the day’s surf the killer party we went to last night. Catching a surf later that day and finishing off with a sauna at the gym and a cool shower. To finish the evening: dinner at Elements with my friends, under a bright moon and sharing a Wes Anderson movie.


I’m thinking whether I prefer the hyper or chilled version. The chilled version would be breakfast in bed & newspaper till about 5 in the afternoon, with the occasional glance at the net.

More active would be a day trip to a wine farm, or to Kalk Bay or to hout bay.

And extreme. Well I remember the old days, and it’s just too tiring thinking about it!


I don’t think I have one particular perfect Sunday. Sometimes it’s a marathon free-for-all Magic: the Gathering session with the guys. Sometimes it’s a Pinotage fillet steak and associated scenery on a beautiful day just outside my home town of Stellenbosch. Sometimes it only starts in the afternoon :)

Most times, though, I eat well, enjoy good company, and learn something new!


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i just submitted my first design, so please let me know what you think

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halla people enjoy the month

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stupid keyboard!!



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I need to visit South Africa :0)

sounda awesome!

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wow! the team has really changed in the last few months. think we need to do a serious update to let everyone know whose involved. welcome Chloe!

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I like a sleepy sunday after a hectic friday and saturday, and not your usual meet the family sunday more the sleep,eat and sleep some more sunday.

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really need to update this! we now have 11 people in springleap and 5 more joining us in the next 2 months!

So here are the people involved with springleap at the moment: (in no particular order!)

and me

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Wow now I’m homesick!

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think it’s time to update this section (but need to be able to edit blogs and then we can do it)

and would be cool to add some pics

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