The 10 Oddest Apple-Themed Products [PICS]

1. 500XL Giant Earbud Speakers

2. iClooly iPhone Stand

3. iMac Aquariums

4. AirMail Manila Envelope

5. iShelf

6. iTables

7. Notepods

8. RetroPod

9. Snow White MacBook Sticker

10. TwelveSouth BookBook

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  1. EranEyal

    Yeah - Apple themed products really do take their little twists and turns

    A word of caution : Some of these are borderline ABSURD:

    How about the Apple iPod Concerto Table?

    It’s an iPod dock with speakers - lol.

    or the Apple iPod Tunebuckle?

    Yep… a metal and leather buckle with space for your ‘lil iPod Nano.

    It seems that these mad Apple rips are not restricted to odd iPod mods and products, but branch off into some of the other oddest themed products you could probably never imagine. Don’t believe me? Then check out….

    The Apple T.P.Dock

    Yes.. T.P. stands for Toilet Paper. WTF??!? Yes siree Jime - it’s a toilet paper mount on an Apple mac. I think this one takes the cake.

  2. EranEyal

    And more in the litany of mad little oddest Apple Gadgets - we have the crazy Apple Cube Aquarium.

    yep this lil puppy’s for the guppies it seems. Someone got super-inspired by the above originals and made a more up-to-date version.

    Just to round things off with a final Coup de grâce - here is a bit of that 8-bit retro gaming flavour just to spice things up a drop. Check this bad boy out:

    iBoy: The Gameboy iPod Case

    Mad stuff indeed!

  3. Lokololly

    OMW! Rofl at the tp dock! Handy if you’re tummy’s ill perhaps?! whahahaha.

    I must say the giant earbud speakers freaked me out at first too I thought it was a super tiny ipod!!!For ants?

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