The Sick Leaves & Springleap Giveaway!

The Sick Leaves and Springleap Giveaway!

If you are crazy about The Sick Leaves and Springleap then consider the following competition as an early Christmas present!

The Sick Leaves and Springleap has teamed up once again to bring you an awesome competition! You could win a personalized copy of The Last Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy and a t-shirt voucher from Springleap! To enter this competition it is really simple all you have to do is tick whether you follow Springleap, The Sick Leaves and BlaBla blog on Twitter and Facebook to double your entries. Start entering NOW! This is one awesome competition that cannot be missed!

Click on the link and check out the interview part 1 with Eksteen and the Bla Bla blog. In the interview Eksteen tells us about his backround and upbringing, his musical influence, the SA music industry, his visit to England and how he found himself interested in music!

Eksteen was asked by the Bla Blab blog which is the hardest component for him? Eksteen said “The easiest part is composition and arrangement. I love doing that the most and it is my feel-good drug of choice. The hardest part is writing lyrics and singing. Both of those don’t come naturally and is something that I really have to work hard at”.Sick Leaves interview part 1

In interview part 2, Eksteen is asked more about his interest outside of music, what the story behind The Sick Leaves are and what was his most memorable live gig he has done. Eksteen also gives a scoop on The Sick Leaves next album and said that hopefully the album will be out by March 2011! Find out more by clicking the link Sick Leaves interview part 2

Tell us what you think about the interview and if there is anything you would like to know about the The Sick Leaves.

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