I did this design after watching ALOT of reality TV and playing ALOT of Fallout 3!!!

This is the broadcast of the apocalypse…in CMYK of course!

I like using suited figures with TV’s and Radio’s as heads. Plus I think the end of the world will be decided by a suited person of authority and I would not be shocked if it was televised!


Imagine that…the last broadcast the world will ever see.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

Well I was playing a lot of Fallout 3 and and anytime you turn on the TV there is nothing but crappy reality TV programming on. I had this image of what if the apocalypse was televised, now that would be reality TV!

2. How does this design make you feel personally?

Very proud! It is my very first win ever!! Plus it was the first design that I incorporated some halftones with photo manipulation. Most of my previous designs were just putting some stock vectors together and playing with some colors, they were VERY amatuer. This was one the first ones that I felt very strong about…If it didn’t win it’s voting here, I would have printed it for my line!

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

Hmmmm, that is hard to say. It’s hard for me to keep track of the hours, but probably somewhere between 8-10 hours. I had a couple redrafts of it. Playing the halftones on the CMYK Bars and the drips of the man at the bottom.

4. Did any other artwork inspire you to create this?

It was a combination of Reality TV, Fallout 3, and all those other innovative CMYK T-shirts.

5. Do you think this design reflects your state of mind from when it was created?

Absolutely!!! Have you played Fallout 3? or turned on the TV recently?!? (At least in the US anyways)

6. Is this your normal style or an experiment?

I would say this was a design that started me in the direction of my style. It helped me realize that when I try to draw or illustrate, it doesn’t quite come out as I envision it, but with manipulation of stock photos and clever use of color my designs are a 1000x stronger.

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?

This one has to go out to the creators of Fallout 3! Without the hours I burned on that disc this design would never have existed!

8. If you could change anything in this design what would it be?

I would have liked to print it on a darker gray shirt. That or like a heather black tee, i think those color tees would really make the design pop more!

9. What kind of person do you see wearing this design?

I see skater kids/scene kids rocking this bad boy.

10. If you could pick any artist to recreate this piece for you who would it be?

Thats really hard! I think i’d like to see what Dobi would do with this concept.


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