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Suburbanhijinx is the design MADNESS suburbanhijinx DuncanBoxie on 9/11/09
Lets find out what makes this really talented designer tick.
The design for the end of the world. suburbanhijinx DuncanBoxie on 9/11/09
Yep, its all over. The nukes are flying and all thats left to do is watch the final televison broadcast, before it all goes dark.
PLEASE STAND BY FOR TOTAL PLANETARY DESTRUCTION suburbanhijinx DuncanBoxie on 16/11/09
Imagine that...the last broadcast the world will ever see.
Whats the story with STAYIN ALIVE suburbanhijinx DuncanBoxie on 16/11/09
STAYIN ALIVE is the proud winner of our The Hard of Rock theme competition. Suburbanhijinx really pulled off a hardcore old school punk rock vibe with this killer design.
Illuminati Propaganda Interview suburbanhijinx DuncanBoxie 4 days, 8 hours ago
There is no doubting the hardcore coolness of *Illuminati Propaganda!* design veteran *Suburbanhijinx* blew away the competition to take the much coveted *Roll-Over* theme win. Lets find out more about this *stylish paranoia masterpiece!*