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Straight from the Designers fingers

The character has a diverse way of singing – as you can see he has no mouth, so where the music is coming from, and the tone at which it resonates, is questionable.


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...the eggs I mean…ok nevermind…

shoutBack on 10/4/08 by Blogqueen


shoutBack on 10/4/08 by Blogqueen

i’d call this “2 eggs and some stuff between”

shoutBack on 10/4/08 by Eric

OK so he whistles from his posterior! That’s cool.

shoutBack on 9/4/08 by enlighten

Lol, ya - pretty much, unless he uses that end to eat and talk, and his butt is somewhere else! I’d ask him but we arent really on “speaking terms”

shoutBack on 2/4/08 by lookingglass

You mean his bum right???

shoutBack on 2/4/08 by DuncanBoxie

Cool. Love da character

shoutBack on 1/4/08 by souf