Ornamental my dear Watson

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October 2008

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Words by the designer:

After a few months here at the site, I wanted to make something that both Men and Women can wear, we gotta look out for the ladies! (bow chicka bow wow) :)

This design is made with halftone water colors sweetness, ornamental goodness, and flourished excellence.

Integral Apparel
Color outside the lines


Looks good, can’t wait to recieve it!

shoutBack on 31/3/09 by IntegralApparel

the tribeca brigade in manhattan and the obz crowd in Cape Town will love this one. just a little to flowery for me though

shoutBack on 31/10/08 by Eric

This is another killer Integral - Loving your goodness as usual!

What I really like about this tee is how subtle it is and how it is applicable for goth guys and gals -Great work - great title!

shoutBack on 30/10/08 by EranEyal

Integral get that entry in, you have 2 days…

shoutBack on 29/10/08 by SilverSabre

Wow everyone! The comments are great, keep em coming, along with the 5’s!
I am feeling good about this round of designs, but still shaking in my boots.

Whats the cut off for nov submissions, I might throw in a last min entry??

shoutBack on 29/10/08 by IntegralApparel

Shit dude thats insane pulling out the big guns in a big way beautifull set this month including this, hi5

shoutBack on 29/10/08 by DustyRich

OMGreatness thats brilliant! it gets a five ^^

shoutBack on 27/10/08 by Bingbong

Yo Integral, I keep coming back to this man. I’m really looking forward to some tuts man.

shoutBack on 14/10/08 by souf

nice one man! sick work. i dig the fade out of the colors in certain areas

shoutBack on 13/10/08 by TokyoGoGo

Love it!!! Show me more…

shoutBack on 12/10/08 by rach0022


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