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DustyRich is from South Africa ZA and is 894,527,165 seconds young





shoutOut on 13/8/09
Eric - Thumbnail

just thought i’d say howzit to one of the best designers i’ve worn!!

shoutOut on 12/6/09
TokyoGoGo - Thumbnail

Dude. What is the surprise?

shoutOut on 5/3/09


Hey Dusty

I really dig your work and was hoping I could propose something pretty awesome to you. I dont see any personal contact info here on your page, so I was wondering( if you are keen to chat with me that is) if I could get your email address so I can drop you a mail away from prying eyes:)

Its purely work related and I really think you will like what I have to offer!

My email address is mizz.tee28@yahoo.co.uk

I hope to hear from you!


shoutOut on 23/4/09
EranEyal - Thumbnail

Heya Dusty!!!

Looking forward to getting you some awesome tees soon- I finished laying out Dead Maria and gave it to the printers - it’s going to be AWESOME!!!

shoutOut on 13/2/09