Revolting Panda·  
July 2008

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Straight from the Designers fingers

Not wanting to cause too much of a fuss, Revolting Panda spreads his message with party balloons…


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Personally I LOVE this design

It is intelligent and has a distinct design flavour that really works with the theme.

Well done Firebrand - I think you should be proud of this one.

shoutBack on 23/8/08 by EranEyal

haha - he just needs an eye patch and he’ll feel like a panda soldier

the real question is “why is the panda revolt-ing?”

shoutBack on 12/8/08 by Eric

thanks for your comments all. angelovmyn I’m not sure how clever it is but thanks anyways :)

shoutBack on 11/8/08 by firebrand

Hey this is a very clever design… its also growing on me more and more…Very cewl….

shoutBack on 8/8/08 by angelovmyn

Why does this have an icon that says ‘design removed’ ?

shoutBack on 8/8/08 by SilverSabre

Here is to the PPPPPAAAARRRTTTY Panda! he hee

shoutBack on 8/8/08 by Jade

Thats a coincidence Kirst!

shoutBack on 5/8/08 by Jade

ha ha, i submitted a design for next month that has a panda holding a balloon. I think this one is quite cool though

shoutBack on 1/8/08 by Kirst