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Meet the dream team!!!

shoutOut on 16/4/10 by Danya in peeps

Holla Springleapers!!

This is your official introduction to the new and improved Springleap squad!

We asked our peeps: WHAT CAN YOU DO THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN??

So here’s what they had to say…

Eric - AKA The Big Cheese

“I’ve now spent 15 minutes thinking about the question, and can’t answer it. Everything I can do, someone else can do - probably better than me! Maybe that’s why I’m the Big Cheese! :) Next Question please? Perhaps what is different, is that I make things happen - quickly. When I find something is a challenge, I become obsessed to resolve it and sort it out quickly! And because I think micro and macro at the same time, and I love the art of negotiation, results happen! So what can I do that no one else can - delegate, delegate and delegate some more!”

Eran - AKA The Man With The Plan

“Wow – something I can do that no-one else can? To be honest there are very likely a wealth of people who can do anything I can A LOT better. But here are one or two decent party tricks I can do : I can put my hands on the floor, knees on my elbows and flip into a handstand and do inverted push-ups. And I play Shakuhachi and Hocchiku – Japanese flutes.”

Catherine - AKA The Sales & Operation Master

I have a colourful assortment of many talents – while most of my skills are learnt from others - perhaps as a collective the following make it onto the ‘unique package deal’ wall of fame… I manage to throw great dinner parties where my guests cook, clean and entertain for me while I ‘gather recipe info’ and taste wine. I can greet (and swear) in nine different languages. I can change a tyre, format a hard-drive, carry furniture up multiple storeys and read a map (which many people say girls cannot do!). As a manager, I can pretend to not be listening when I am and have eyes on the back of my head and the unnerving ability make people work at a pace slightly slower than mild hysteria. Other than that, I can burn rice, fall up stairs (as opposed to down them) – and paint a pretty darn good canvas while reading a book in front of the television. Just don’t ask me to knit, or sing. Many people do that badly. I can do an even more spectacular job of doing it worse! And finally, I let cars into the traffic in front of me (‘terms and conditions apply’). Not many people do that!

Mehul- AKA the Musical Manager

“I could probably win the contest for the person to watch the most hours of Star Trek uninterrupted!”

Amy- AKA The PR and Marketing Princess

“I can whip out a magic wand and make the whole world a better place. I can also whip out Guitar Hero in my sleep and beat my own scores :P
According to Urban Dictionary Amy is just about the most coolest person you’ll ever meet.”

Chloe- AKA The Empress of Production

“I’m the most SAILORIFIC sailor there ever was…. & I have the power to MIND CONTROL your mom. OH. I also make an invincible paper airplane. ;)”

Duncan- AKA Community Manager

“I can be happy when I’m not actually happy. And I can spontaneously combust - and survive. My over active mitochondria rarely give me a break.”

Nadean- AKA Nadz PR Intern

I am Nadean Edith Burns, but I am known as Nadz among most of my friends and family. I matriculated in 2007 and I am currently studying Public Relations Management full time at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. When I am not at work or studying I enjoy reading books, listening to music and spending time with my friends and family. My role model is my mother, she always tends to motivate, inspire and influence me in a positive way. My long-term goal for the future is to own a PR consultancy and travel the world!

Well there you have it peeps. That’s us!

We all love hearing from you so get in touch with us soonly!

Ciao for now Springleapers!

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loving these pics!

shoutBack on 21/11/10 by Eric

you better come visit lolly!! hehe

shoutBack on 19/4/10 by Zave

Dream Team indeed! This was super entertaining!
Makes me miss you guys…so I’ll be back for a visit soonest :)

shoutBack on 17/4/10 by Lokololly

This Springleap team is just AWESOME!!

shoutBack on 16/4/10 by Zave


shoutBack on 16/4/10 by amyabrahams