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Didn't make it
The Hard of Rock!

Straight from the Designers fingers

3 colors, hope you like it!


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so true - give me earplugs!

shoutBack on 11/11/09 by Eric

this looks familiar. have you subbed this to any other sites?

shoutBack on 8/11/09 by ralphysims


shoutBack on 3/11/09 by MtswanaGraphics


shoutBack on 31/10/09 by caki2507

thanks for comments

shoutBack on 31/10/09 by sebasebi

looking retro rocking

shoutBack on 30/10/09 by ShampooWarrior


shoutBack on 30/10/09 by kingslip

Theres something I like about this, its proberly the whole propaganda look!

shoutBack on 30/10/09 by CHUCKY