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Straight from the Designers fingers

When hungry, do something to take your mind off said hunger…


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cloMo, the quote basically is saying that i was doing this while waiting for dinner..haha

RoxzyLok…yes, whistling :)

shoutBack 8 hours, 32 minutes ago by Stashme

cute :> reminds me alot of a previous winner with us.. JOTT. great stuff. not sure i get it though? when ur hungry.. u eat! why would u want to do something else?! maybe that’s just me :/
haha. i love food!

shoutBack 13 hours, 3 minutes ago by cloMO

I’m hungry:)

shoutBack 15 hours, 35 minutes ago by NormaJean

I likey

shoutBack 17 hours, 5 minutes ago by ElectroGirl


shoutBack 19 hours, 11 minutes ago by RoxzyLok