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Meet the team

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At Springleap brands, agencies, designers and
brand fans unite to solve & popularize creative

Dozens of agency-level solutions per brief and remarkable
social media marketing experiences - springleap your brand!


About Us

With access to a global talent pool of over 300 000 members, Springleap sources a huge diversity of unique designs for any brief, while engaging your brands’ target audiences and the ever-growing Springleap community in viral social media campaigns.


The strong social voting component of the contests provides viral exposure for brands on social media platforms (eg Facebook and Twitter), and a platform to engage their own brand fans to bring together meaningful, measurable statistics whilst filling fans with a sense of loyalty and ownership.


Springleap design contests are EMBEDDABLE. Our unique technology lets you run your campaigns in multiple places simultaneously - like your Facebook page, website and partner sites whilst it runs at Springleap. Focus your marketing, engage your fans in your space, whilst we provide the talent of our creative community.


Springleap can provide you with a custom online Shopify ecommerce shop to round off your experience & monetize your fan base with awesome fan merchandise. Run the shop at Springleap and embed it into your Facebook page or your website.

Best of all - Springleap produces high-quality merchandise for you and handles all the administration, logistics and distribution.


To date, Springleap has awarded creatives with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash prizes and ongoing royalties for solving a wide variety of brand design problems.
They have appeared on TV, covers of international magazines and in galleries.



Springleap was placed 2nd at the prestigious Innovation 100 Awards in California, beating the likes of Apple App Store, Threadless, Amazon, Zazzle and eBay.
Recently Springleap was voted 1st place by 40 mentors at Mentorcamp Canada.

Additional services:
  • Stand-alone corporate and promotional printing solutions
  • Retail-quality product sourcing, ranging from custom mobile phone cases to wall art
  • Facebook / Social Media ad spend management and consultancy services via Springleap's division, iCanHazSocial.